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We believe that our training program is enriched by members’ openness to learning about and acceptance of diverse others in an atmosphere of respect, trust, and safety. We acknowledge that no one is completely free of bias and prejudice, and we expect that both trainees and trainers be committed to the values of respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion. We expect that trainers and trainees be willing to examine their personal values and to learn to work effectively with diverse others.

The faculty members are expected to examine their own biases, model personal introspection, and be committed to lifelong learning. Trainers are expected to treat trainees in a way that is respectful and inclusive of trainees’ identities. Trainees do not need to give up their personal and/or religious values; however, they are expected to attain both demographic competency and demonstrate the competency of dynamic worldview inclusivity. Throughout the internship year, trainees are expected to examine and attempt to resolve any attitudes, beliefs, opinions, feelings, or personal history that might affect their abilities to provide services to individuals different from themselves.

The program is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of education and training for all, and one in which bias and prejudice can be openly challenged. We are committed to a supportive process that facilitates the development of knowledge and skills necessary to working effectively with individuals of diverse racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds; ages; genders; gender identities; sexual orientations; and physical appearance.